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Core2Globe is an Atlanta-based organization with a simple mission to improve the world. Simple huh? It really is when you take small bites. We are focused on building better world citizens that are more politically aware, more socially conscious, and more connected. When we say connected we aren’t talking about smartphones and wi-fi we are talking about connected through hugs, smiles, hard work and service.


We provide global experiential learning opportunities for the young, old and everyone in between. We believe in exploring the world and engaging in real-world opportunities for cultural exchanges, information sharing, and relationship building.


In the coming years, you can look forward to seeing our logo in some of the coolest places on earth that you might not see pop up on your Instagram feed, and while they may not be the best-kept secrets around you’ll probably find more 5 star smiles than 5-star hotels.

It’s our hope that you will join us on this mission of growth and goodwill. Please complete our form below so that we can let you know when it’s wheels up!


Shadeed Abdul-Salaam has worked as an Educator, Public Health Researcher, Analytical Chemist, and Consultant for roughly two decades Shadeed Abdul-Salaam is the CEO of a leading sustainability & innovation-based organization Core2Globe. Shadeed has training in Biology, Chemistry and Public Health; he attended Morehouse College and Emory’s Rollins School of Public Health. He has gained experience in various environmental/public health-based research projects at several universities and institutions, such as


Princeton University, University of California at Davis, and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Through his work, Shadeed has brought science-based programming to amplify learning hubs for local municipalities in the Atlanta area, he has spoken at multiple forums as a subject matter expert, securing funding and Technical Assistance increasing community awareness around sustainability, social determinants, and public health.


Specializing in bringing sustainability-based funding, Grants, and major partnerships to spawn innovation and commercialization in scientific practice.


His major passion is in developing communities by exposing underserved populations to solutions by connecting with people. Shadeed also serves Morehouse Colleges in the areas of science sustainability and ethnobotanical research. Other areas of contribution include his role as National Vice President of Morehouse College’s distinguished Alumni Association. Shadeed has been featured in many publications as an accomplished scientist, educator, and community leader. He finds comfort and balance in meaningful travel and highly coveted time with his family.



Why: Historically underserved communities are left out of economic mobility and advancement largely based on conditions/zip codes they are born into; but by providing meaningful Exposure learning opportunities introducing best practices in order to solve problems has proven to be the equalizing factor to advance the underserved and hence our society.


About Us: Core2Globe is made up of Public Health Scientists, Educators, and Leaders seeking to improve the human condition by using data-driven methodologies to impact underserved communities. Our diverse team grants us access to communities implementing best-in-class strategies to effect change.

CoreObjectives: Public Health Sustainability Innovation Agriculture Education Exposure


D&I: Core2Globe is committed to equity and inclusion honoring cultural differences all-inclusive of race, gender, religion, or sexuality.




Opportunities for exposure are at the core of what we do and who we are. We believe in giving young people the tools and that they will be smart enough to figure the rest out.




2017 Whitney Plantation, New Orleans, LA

2018 EJI Lynching Memorial, Montgomery, AL

2019 Savannah, Ga

2019 Blacks and Wax Museum Baltimore, MD



2017 Havana, Cuba

2018 Pointe Pitra, Guadeloupe

2018 Madrid, Spain

2018 Canary Islands, Spain

2018 Marrakech, Morocco

2019 Quintano Roo, Mexico

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